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Dental Plan

​The Dental Plan, offered through Aetna, provides coverage for employees and their eligible family members.

Depending on where you live, you may be eligible to enroll in one of the following (if offered by your employer):

  • DMO (dental maintenance organization) plan;
  • PPO (preferred provider organization) plan; or
  • Passive PPO plan.

When you participate in the DMO plan, you choose a network dentist to receive benefits. If you enroll in the PPO plan, you may use any dentist; however, your out-of-pocket costs will generally be lower if you choose network providers. If you do not live in an area with reasonable access to Aetna’s PPO provider network, the passive PPO plan may be offered. This plan does not require you to access a network dentist.

Note: If you or your eligible family members did not enroll in dental coverage when first eligible, and you wish to enroll during this annual enrollment, there will be a 24-month waiting period for orthodontia coverage for eligible children.

Eligibility: Employees in Pastor’s Participation are eligible to enroll. Other employees may be eligible to enroll based on employer decision.

Plan Options for Your Area and Costs: If dental coverage is available to you in 2018, dental option(s) and coverage-level costs will be on Benefits Connect during annual enrollment. If you elect the DMO, you must enter a primary office number, available on the Aetna website, for each family member.