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Annual Enrollment

Annual enrollment, October 30 through November 17, 2017, is the only opportunity to elect and/or make benefits changes for 2018 (unless you have a qualifying life event during the year).

Your employer has selected the benefits that are available to you for 2018.These are the benefits you see on Benefits Connect during annual enrollment. Based on your employer’s selections, you may

  • elect or change medical and/or dental coverage options and level (Member-only, Member + Spouse, Member + Child(ren), Member + Family);
  • apply for or change supplemental death coverage;
  • add or remove eligible family members to or from coverage; and
  • review beneficiaries and update them, if appropriate.

For more information about eligibility and benefits elections for 2018, visit the Eligibility, Medical Plan, Dental Plan, and Supplemental Death Benefits pages to the left.

What You Need To Do by November 17

Employees must complete annual enrollment online using Benefits Connect, the Board’s benefits website. Review the Annual Enrollment Quick Start Guide for details.

You must submit your 2018 benefits elections by midnight ET November 17, 2017, to make certain you have the benefits coverage you want for 2018. Log on to Benefits Connect to review and submit your elections even if you will be enrolled in Pastor’s Participation, you are not making any changes for 2018, or your employer pays 100 percent of the cost of coverage.

You may also be eligible for the following plans that do not require you to make an election during annual enrollment: Pension Plan, Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (RSP), and/or Death and Disability Plan. Although elections are not required for the RSP during annual enrollment, now is a good time to review your contributions and investments to make sure you are on target for financial security in retirement. Visit the Retirement Savings Plan page to the left for more information.