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Benefits Connect and the Employer Agreement

Benefits Connect guides you through the process to submit your Employer Agreement for 2018. Beginning with determining who will be eligible for coverage, as you walk through the process, you will decide the benefits to offer, employer costs, and employee contributions. At the end of the process, the online Employer Agreement you submit to the Board will document these decisions. Benefits available for employees to elect during annual enrollment this fall will be based on your selections in the Employer Agreement.

Review, Update, Submit Your Employer Agreement

To submit your 2018 Employer Agreement, log on to Benefits Connect to review and/or update your selections and submit your Agreement for 2018:

  • Go to; click Log On at the top of the screen next to the Benefits Connect logo (or go directly to
  • On the home page, choose Employer Agreement, then create a new model for 2018.
  • Walk through the seven steps to view and select the benefits you will include in your Employer Agreement and make available to employees to elect during annual enrollment. Every employer is different and not all employers will select each benefit for all, or any, benefit group. Some employers may select medical coverage only through the Board; other employers may choose RSP only. The decision is unique to each employer.
      1. Start Here
      2. Benefit Groups
      3. Retirement
      4. Death & Disability
      5. Medical
      6. Dental
      7. Review

When you review your benefits selections, confirm that they have been captured correctly and reflect your selections and contribution decisions. During annual enrollment eligible employees will elect benefits based on the choices in the Employer Agreement.

New Features

  • When selecting employer contributions for medical coverage in the Employer Agreement, you will be able to enter percentages with up to two decimal places.
  • If offering PPO and EPO options, you will be able to enter different contribution percentages for each option. Remember, however, that the minimum employer contribution is 50 percent of the Member-only cost for the EPO option; you may receive an error message if the PPO Member-only contribution you enter is less than this dollar amount.
  • During employee annual enrollment, which begins October 30, you will be able to view the annual enrollment election status of all your employees. Benefits Connect will show submitted or not submitted for each employee.
  • In the first week of December, view employee elections and costs for 2018 payroll purposes. This information will be downloadable into an Excel spreadsheet to use for payroll purposes. Keep in mind that employees may change their elections until the end of annual enrollment on November 17; therefore, elections (and associated costs) are not final until that time.

New for Managing Employees in Benefits Connect

  • Beginning in mid-July you will be able to view current (for 2017) individual member elections and costs on Benefits Connect on the member page under Manage Employees.

Other Enhancements on Benefits Connect

By logging on to Benefits Connect and choosing Manage Employees you can

  • enroll members;
  • confirm or change member salary; and
  • terminate benefits.

Importance of Employer Profile. The employer representative maintains the Employer Profile on Benefits Connect, ensuring that contact information is accurate and up to date, including for the billing representative and RSP representative. Review and update all email and mailing addresses so that the Board may contact you promptly when needed.

Use BoardLink to pay invoices. BoardLink is the Board’s online payment system for churches, other employers, and individuals to remit payment, review invoices, and view payment status and history. Access BoardLink on