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You must begin the process of enrolling a new employee for benefits within 30 days of the employee’s date of hire or the first date the employee is eligible for enrollment in the Benefits Plan. If you establish an initial eligibility waiting period, it may not exceed Benefits Plan provisions and/or any limit established by law. Retroactive enrollments are not permitted.

Enrollment is online through Benefits Connect. Log on to Benefits Connect for additional detailed information available through Resources.

Benefits selections available to an employee are based on your Employer Agreement.

  • If the new employee will be part of an existing benefit group (as defined in the Employer Agreement), the employer should complete all the information about the employee as prompted in the enrollment process.
  • If the employee will be part of a new benefit group, the employer must call Employer Services at the Board at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) to add the new group to the employer’s Employer Agreement. This will ensure that when the employer adds the member online through Benefits Connect, the process will be accurate and efficient. The employee cannot be enrolled for any benefits until the employer calls the Board to establish benefits selections for the new benefits group.

After the employer completes and submits its part of the member enrollment process, the Board will process the enrollment and send the employee an email welcoming him or her to the Benefits Plan with information on enrolling in the plan.

Medical Coverage Waiver

Under menu options, members may waive medical coverage for themselves or family members. If they waive medical coverage for themselves, their family members are not eligible for coverage.

Under Pastor’s Participation, members may not waive medical coverage for themselves  but may waive it for family members. Such a waiver will not affect your dues amount, however.