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“It’s brothers and sisters helping brothers and sisters.”

— Housing Supplement recipient

Three centuries ago in Philadelphia, Presbyterians established the Fund for Pious Uses. At the very first meeting of the first synod, in 1717, our predecessors placed caring for our pastors, many of whom were laboring in frontier ministries, and their widows and children, ahead of countless other priorities as they set about establishing our denomination. Over the decades and centuries since, Presbyterians have fulfilled that commitment through a series of ministerial relief funds and, since Reunion in 1983, the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions.

The 2016 donors to the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions — more than 1,700 caring individuals and organizations whose names are listed in With Appreciation, left — continue this legacy of commitment by lifting up, during their times of need, those who serve the Church.

The Board of Pensions deeply appreciates your generosity and caring. Your support helped the Church honor its commitment to care for our pastors, missionaries, other church workers — both active and retired — and their families in need. Your assistance helped restore them to wholeness. Above all, your gifts served as a tangible expression of God’s love.

“This grant came through just in time to pay mounting medical bills for our special needs daughter. I am humbled by the compassion you’ve shown us!”

Shared Grant recipient

Watch the Board’s 300th anniversary video, Serving Those Who Serve the Church, top right, to appreciate the roots of Presbyterian caring and compassion.

The Assistance Program’s ministry depends on gifts from caring Presbyterians like you, legacies, endowment income, and half the Christmas Joy Offering; it is not funded by dues. Your continued gifts will help ensure that this vital ministry of the Church continues to thrive.

For more information about the Assistance Program, visit the Assistance Program section.