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Living the Call

​"I am so glad for this platform. It has moved me off my complacent perch and helped me move forward emotionally and physically." — Call to Health Participant

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time, no matter where you are on your journey to health and well-being. It isn't easy to do all of the things you know are good for you, day after day.

These Call to Health testimonials might provide motivation if you hit a lull. Like the challenges themselves, there are stories for each dimension of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational.

Making the Most of Call to Health

  • Start early! Begin working on challenges now, so you can earn the points you need for lower deductibles and/or a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • Try challenges in all areas of wholeness, and concentrate especially on areas you tend to neglect. If you aren’t saving for retirement, check out the financial challenges, for instance. If you struggle with change, consider doing an Ignite Your Life coaching challenge, which can support your efforts.
  • Earn 300 points for visiting a registered dietitian! Think of him or her as a nutrition coach. A dietitian can help you detect nutritional deficiencies in your diet, lose weight in a healthy way, and improve your relationship with food. Visit a dietitian who is a network provider, and you have only a $25 copay.
  • Visit regularly to check for new challenges.

Choral Director Sings the Praises of Call to Health

Megan Sharp, Director of Fine Arts for Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, Virginia, credits the Well-Being Assessment with helping her improve her physical and fiscal fitness. Read the story.


Pastor Finds Grace in Call to Health Spiritual Challenges

A Call to Health challenge about practicing forgiveness helped to inspire not only Rev. Andrew Taylor-Troutman, but also his congregation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Read the story.

Spreading the Word about Call to Health

Shelly Marshall, a Director of Human Resources, believes the best way to engage employees with Call to Health is by being an example. Learn how Providence House in Shreveport, Louisiana, achieved 60 percent employee participation in less than six months. Read the story.

Coached to Health

Ellen Sherby, Presbyterian World Mission’s Coordinator of Equipping for Mission Involvement, credits Call to Health — and Ignite Your Life coaching — with helping her see how what she eats affects the way she feels. Read the story.


Minister's Routine CBC Anything But

Rev. Joseph Phipps of Fairfield, Iowa never gave much thought to preventive screenings until he participated in Call to Health. Then a routine blood test led to an unexpected diagnosis. Read the story.



It's Never Too Soon To Prepare a Will

Caitlin Bomar isn't even 30. She has no children and no mortgage. Yet this church Director of Children's Ministry in Memphis, Tennessee, has a will, thanks in part to the Create or Update Your Will challenge at Why did she bother? Read the story.



Call to Health and the View from the Top

Rev. Dick Powell, President of Mo-Ranch Assembly, Hunt, Texas, often challenged his staff to "top that" as he posted his Call to Health point totals. In addition to motivating his staff, his embrace of Call to Health led him on a literal as well as metaphorical journey. Read the story.



Minister and Family Called to Financial Health

Motivated by Call to Health's financial well-being challenges, Rev. Phil Brown and wife Kara, of Dunwoody, Georgia, made remarkable progress in reducing their debt. Learn how they did it! Read the story.



A Member's Call to Health Journey — from Compliance to Health Champion

Donna Scully, office manager for New Castle Presbytery in Delaware, learned to prioritize her health and well-being. The results are impressive. Read the story.



Finding Help — and Hope — through Call to Health

The social aspects of Call to Health helped Rev. Dr. Thomas Schacher, a Senior Pastor in Midland, Michigan, find resilience after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Read the story.



A Renewed Chance to Serve the Lord

Rev. Dr. Clinton “Clint” Cottrell, a pastor in Fort Myers, Florida, “sometimes privately grumbled about Call to Health.” No more! Read the story.