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Beginning the Disability Process

You may apply for disability benefits if your physician states that you are unable to work for more than 90 consecutive days while recovering from an illness or injury.

Disability certification

The Board must certify any disability. You may be considered disabled if

  • you are unable to perform your regular work duties due to sickness or bodily injury; or
  • after 24 consecutive months of a certified disability, due to sickness or bodily injury, you cannot perform any type of work for which you are suited by education, training, and/or experience.

Applying for benefits

Follow these steps to apply for disability benefits:

  • Call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) to request a confidential intake interview with a Disability Specialist. The Board will then open a claim for you with Lincoln Financial Group, the disability medical case manager.
  • Provide the Disability Specialist with your name, Social Security number, last day worked, phone number, employer and physician contact information, and job description. and ask any questions you may have about the disability claims process.
  • Download the disability information packet, or request a copy by mail. Complete the packet, and email, fax, or mail it with a copy of your job description to your Disability Specialist at the Board.

If you are physically or mentally unable to complete the packet, a power of attorney or authorization form allowing a designee to act on your behalf must be included with the completed packet or on file with the Board or Lincoln Financial Group.

Lincoln Financial Group will

  • send you or your designee a form for the attending physician and a form to grant authorization to obtain and release medical records; 
  • notify you or your designee when your forms are received;
  • contact the attending physician; and
  • make a recommendation on your application for disability benefits.

The Board will make a final determination on whether to certify you as disabled.

Application time limit

If you are otherwise eligible, and you do not apply for the benefit when the disability begins, you may still apply if less than 12 months have elapsed since the disability began.