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Death Benefits

The Death and Disability Plan is designed to protect your eligible survivors against a sudden loss of income in the event of your death. Your member status (i.e., active or disabled, retired) at death dictates the benefits available under the plan. (Exceptions exist within the 90-day window for no-cost death coverage available upon termination of service for those enrolled in Pastor's Participation.)

You can log on to Benefits Connect to see an estimate of the death benefits payable upon your death and the beneficiary designations the Board currently has on file.

Receiving Payment of Benefits

When a member’s death is reported to the Board of Pensions, the Board sends a Death Benefits Claim form to the member’s spouse, beneficiary, and, when applicable, covered dependents. Benefits will be paid once the Board receives a completed form, a copy of the death certificate, and any outstanding overpayments.

Appealing a Denial of Benefits

If all or part of a death benefits claim is not processed, the beneficiary receives a written notice from the Board of Pensions. This notice can include

  • the reason that the death benefit is not payable, including specific plan provision(s) that prevent payment of a benefit (if applicable);
  • a request for additional information, if needed for the claim to be reconsidered;
  • an explanation of the appeals procedures.

If a beneficiary disagrees with the decision, he or she may appeal. For more information about the appeals process, see the Appeals page under Disability Benefits or call 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) and speak to a service representative.