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New Treasurer and Administrator

As a treasurer or an administrator, you need to understand how to maintain your members’ benefits and pay your employer’s dues. Helpful resources for new treasurers and administrators can be found in Booklets & Publications, at right.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure your church or employer has registered an employer representative on Benefits Connect. Use Benefits Connect for most requests. Through Benefits Connect, you can view and update your organization’s contact information; enroll a new or newly eligible member, enabling them to select benefits; terminate benefits for an employee; review and update employee salary information; review invoices from the past six months; and send and receive secure messages with the Board.
  • Report all service and salary changes to the Board of Pensions. Presbyteries also collect this information, but they do not pass it on to the Board.
  • Report changes as quickly as possible to ensure that a member’s benefit levels and an employer’s invoices are as accurate and up to date as possible. Salary changes affect a member’s accrual of pension credits and death and disability benefits.
  • For employees in menu options, benefits and costs for coverage end as of the last day of the month in which the termination of benefits is reported. If the termination is not reported in a timely fashion, the employer may be responsible for the payment of dues beyond the requested termination date.
  • Review your employer’s monthly dues invoice before paying. If any information seems incorrect, do not make changes to the invoice. Contact the Board immediately.
  • Pay your bill by the last day of the month to avoid interest charges. If you question any charges, or your employer cannot afford to pay the bill, contact the Board to resolve the situation.