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Determining Eligibility

Installed pastors, other teaching elders, other employees, and their eligible family members, may be eligible to enroll in the Benefits Plan. Children under age 26, regardless of marital status, financial dependency, residence, or student status, are eligible. Coverage may continue beyond age 26 for dependent permanently disabled children who begin coverage under the plan before age 26.

Employers determine the benefits available to installed pastors, other teaching elders, and all other employees, following the provisions of the plan and the guidelines provided by the Board of Pensions. As employers determine benefits selections and establish the Employer Agreement, all employees in a benefit group must be offered the same benefits.

Employers must provide installed pastors with Pastor’s Participation to meet the requirements of Section G-2.0804 of the Book of Order. Employers may choose to provide Pastor’s Participation to other teaching elders as well, if they are scheduled to work at least 20 hours weekly, or offer them coverage under menu options.

The Board urges those who employ teaching elders who are not installed pastors to provide benefits to this group through Pastor’s Participation. If employers choose Pastor’s Participation for these teaching elders, it must apply to all teaching elders working 20 or more hours per week.

Other employees are eligible for menu options only.

Menu Options

Under menu options, employers select the combination of benefits to offer, based on resources and employee needs. Employees who are not teaching elders must be regularly scheduled for a minimum 20-hour workweek to be eligible for all benefits but the RSP, which requires no work-hour minimum.

There is no work-hour minimum for a teaching elder to be eligible for medical coverage or RSP participation under menu options. For other benefits, they must be scheduled to work a minimum 20-hour workweek.

Under menu options, employers select any combination of the following to offer employees:

  • Pension Plan
  • Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (RSP)
  • death and disability coverage
  • medical coverage in the preferred provider organization (PPO) and/or exclusive provider organization (EPO)
  • dental coverage
  • supplemental death coverage
  • supplemental disability coverage (if eligible)

Pastor’s Participation

Teaching elders in an installed pastoral relationship with a church must be covered under Pastor’s Participation.

Pastor’s Participation includes non-contributory participation in the following:

  • Pension Plan
  • death and disability coverage
  • full family medical coverage in the PPO

Additionally, Pastor’s Participation provides teaching elders with access to the RSP, dental coverage, and supplemental death and disability coverage (if eligible).