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Death Benefits

If you participated in the Death and Disability Plan as an active or disabled member, and retired as an active or disabled member, your eligible survivors are protected by several benefits:

  • salary continuation benefit
  • living needs benefit
  • children’s education benefit

Visit the Death and Disability Plan section of to learn more about these benefits.

Supplemental Death Benefits

If you have Supplemental Death Benefits coverage for you and/or your spouse while an active member of the Benefits Plan, you may continue that coverage when you retire until you each reach age 70. If you have coverage for a dependent child, you can continue this coverage as long as he or she is an eligible dependent under the Benefits Plan (until age 26 if the dependent is not in a marriage/qualified domestic partnership).


  • To check your current beneficiary(ies), go to Benefits Connect.
  • To change your beneficiary(ies), complete a Retiree Death Benefits Beneficiary Designation form.

Payment of Benefits

When notified of your death, the Board of Pensions will send a Death Benefits Claim form to your spouse, dependents, or beneficiary. The Board will request a copy of your certificate of death, and benefits will be paid when the appropriate information and required forms are received by the Board of Pensions.

Death Benefits Estimate

For an estimate of the death benefits payable upon your death, go to Benefits Connect.