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Terminating Service

To report termination of service or Benefits Plan participation, an authorized representative of your church or employing organization may mail or fax a completed Termination of Plan Benefits form to the Board of Pensions; the authorized representative must sign the form. 

Upon receipt of your Termination of Plan Benefits form, the Board will send you information about eligibility for continuing coverage following termination of service, including Continuing Coverage at Termination of Eligible Service.

Eligibility for Continuing Coverage

If you are an Affiliated Benefits Program member, please see your business administrator for continued benefits options.

If you participated in the Traditional Program, you may be eligible to receive

  • 30 days of free medical coverage; and
  • up to 90 days of free death and disability coverage.

If you are not transitioning immediately to another position, you may be interested in continuing coverage as a continuation member or a member under transitional participation coverage. Following termination of service, you have 60 days to elect to continue coverage or permanently forfeit your eligibility to do so.

Teaching elders who terminate service to pursue post-graduate studies related to their continued service in the ministry may continue Benefits Plan participation under transitional participation coverage during those studies.