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As a Benefits Plan member, if you marry, your spouse and your spouse's dependents may be eligible for coverage.

Reporting Your Marriage and Electing Benefits

Because marriage is a qualifying life event, you have the opportunity to elect or change benefits for which you are eligible and/or to add or remove eligible family member from coverage.

To elect or change benefits and/or coverage levels as a result of marriage, active members* must

  • report the marriage online through Benefits Connect within 60 days after the marriage date; and
  • provide all required supporting documentation through Benefits Connect (e.g., marriage and/or birth certificates) within 60 days after the marriage date.

If you report your marriage and provide required documentation within 60 days after the marriage, coverage for any enrolled family members will be effective as of your marriage date. After 60 days, you must wait until the next annual enrollment, generally in the fall, to make coverage changes.

Note about dental coverage: If you do not enroll in the Dental Plan within the first 30 days of initial eligibility or within 60 days of a qualifying life event, you generally must wait until the next annual enrollment or qualifying life event to enroll. If you and/or any eligible dependents enroll after the initial opportunity, when you do enroll, you will be considered a late entrant, and there will be a 12-month waiting period for basic and major services and a two-year waiting period for orthodontic treatment for children.

*Retired members should use the Life Event Change form to report a qualifying life event.