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Attending Seminary

For more information on Medical Plan coverage for seminary students, including medical dues, read Benefits Overview: Medical Coverage for Seminary Students.

You are eligible for Medical Plan coverage if you are

  • not yet ordained as a teaching elder or otherwise employed in eligible service, and enrolled full time in a theological seminary, graduate school of religion, divinity school, or school of Christian education;
  • a candidate or inquirer preparing for a church vocation within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

How To Enroll

You may enroll for Medical Plan coverage by providing to the Board of Pensions

  • written verification from your presbytery that you are under its care, classified as an inquirer or candidate, and are “in good faith” preparing for a church vocation within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.);
  • written verification from your seminary that you are enrolled full time, as defined by the school;
  • a completed Seminary Student Benefits Plan Membership Application with your anticipated graduation date;
  • the first month’s payment with the application.

These documents should be received by the Board of Pensions during the annual enrollment period for seminary students (August 1 to September 30). For students who enroll for the first time in seminary during the spring semester, the enrollment period is 60 days after the date the semester begins. The completed application and any required supporting documentation must be postmarked within the enrollment period. Coverage is effective on the first day of the month after the Board receives the application and any required supporting documentation. The effective date cannot be retroactive.

If you are a graduated seminary student and your presbytery requires you to take additional courses, such as continuing pastoral education or an internship, you may continue to participate in the Medical Plan with seminary status until the required courses are completed if you were enrolled in the Medical Plan on the date of your graduation. Verification is required to confirm this status.

You may be eligible for continuing coverage through medical continuation coverage if you

  • are enrolled in the Medical Plan prior to your seminary graduation;
  • graduate in April, May, or June; and
  • have not been hired in an eligible service.

If you are not enrolled in the Medical Plan before you graduate, you cannot obtain Benefits Plan coverage until you are employed by a congregation or other PC(USA)-affiliated employer.