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Churches and other PC(USA)-affiliated employers may participate in the Benefits Plan. Additionally, ministers of the Word and Sacrament who are employed by non-affiliated employers in church-validated ministries may participate, acting as both employer and employee for enrollment purposes.

To determine if your organization is eligible to participate in the Benefits Plan, the Board may review your bylaws and articles of incorporation. The Board may also request copies of any of the following:

  • financial statements
  • documents indicating that the PC(USA) or a PC(USA) agency elects a majority of your Board of Directors; a formal relationship or affiliation with the PC(USA) exists; or the PC(USA) or an agency or related body of the PC(USA) is the main funding source for your organization

In some cases, the Board may accept an attestation of an organization’s affiliation from a church or other PC(USA) entity, such as a presbytery.

Ministers in validated ministries are automatically eligible for Benefits Plan participation.

To participate in the plan, you must remain affiliated with the PC(USA).