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For Members

Board University’s educational offerings are designed to promote your well-being in spiritual, health, financial, and vocational realms.

Board University provides educational tools to ensure you know the breadth and depth of your benefits package and make the most of it. This ensures not only that you’re taking care of yourself and family but also that you’re making the most of your income. The financial and retirement planning knowledge, insights into enhancing well-being, and practical tools gained from Board University’s conferences and retreats, seminars, online modules, and resources are designed to sustain you through every season of ministry.

Conferences and retreats offered by Board University include CREDO conferences and an annual well-being retreat, which promote all aspects of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational.

The seminars provide guidance on debt reduction, saving and investing for retirement, clergy taxes, benefits, post-retirement service, and more.

The e-learning offerings, or online learning modules, provide an opportunity to learn online individually — through self-paced modules or prerecorded webcasts viewable on demand. These tools cover a variety of topics, including benefits, health, personal finance, and taxes.

The Tax Resource Center houses specialized resources designed to boost awareness and knowledge about tax issues that affect plan members.

The Financial & Retirement Planning Resource Center offers checklists, worksheets, and calculators to assist with basic financial planning.