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“ … this is about the rest of your life in ministry. And the potential is that what you will learn, and what you will plan from this, will positively affect not only your ministry, but also your life, your family life, everything.”                                                                                — Reverend David Garnett


The Board of Pensions sponsors Presbyterian CREDO conferences to help PC(USA) ministers cultivate their spiritual, vocational, health, and financial well-being, as well as their leadership potential. 

An experienced faculty team guides participants in growing and changing in these key areas of their lives. Each conference becomes a true learning community, in which all participants share with one another their knowledge, experience, compassion, and care. In this way, CREDO helps participants replenish their spirits and rediscover the passion that first animated their call to ministry.


  • an intentional Christ-centered community;
  • a living stream with a sustainable spirit;
  • a work of the heart, mind, body, and spirit;
  • a four-step life cycle process of identity, discernment, practice, and transformation.

If you are invited to attend, review the Conference Calendar page, decide your conference choice, then register using the CREDO ID and password from your invitation.