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Affiliated Benefits Program (ABP) Members

PC(USA) churches and other employing organizations may choose to offer the Affiliated Benefits Program (ABP) to employees who do not currently participate in the Traditional Program.

Who's Eligible

You are eligible for the ABP if you’re not mandated by the Book of Order to participate in the Traditional Program, and your employer offers the program to you and others in your employment classification.

What Plan Options Are Available

Your employer can offer

  • the Medical Plan only; or
  • the Medical Plan and the Death and Disability Plan. 

The benefits under each plan are the same as the Traditional Program, but the dues structures are different. Also, employers can set employee contribution levels for the Medical Plan coverage.

If your employer offers the Medical Plan under the ABP to your employment classification, it can also choose to offer you the Dental Plan.

If your employer offers you the Death and Disability Plan, it may also choose to offer the Supplemental Death Benefits Plan and the Supplemental Disability Benefits Plan. 

If your employer has submitted the necessary agreement to the Board of Pensions, you can participate in the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), a 403(b)(9) defined contribution plan.

The Pension Plan is not available under the ABP.

Waiving Medical Coverage

You can waive medical coverage if

  • you are required to contribute to your Medical Plan dues; or
  • you have coverage available through another source, such as your covered partner’s employer.

Cost of Coverage

Your employer may require you and all members of your employment classification to contribute up to 50 percent of the member-only dues for Medical Plan coverage and up to 100 percent of the dues for a covered partner and eligible children. Your contributions will be deducted from your wages and remitted to the Board by your employer. (To assure that the employee Medical Plan contributions are not subject to employment taxes, your employer must establish a cafeteria plan under which the employee can make the tax-free contributions.)

Your employer is responsible for 100 percent of the dues for coverage under the Death and Disability Plan. As an employee, you cannot make any contribution to the dues for this plan.

How To Enroll

You can enroll for membership in the Medical Plan and/or Death and Disability Plan when you are first eligible. You can enroll for optional benefits when you are first eligible or within 60 days of certain qualifying life events, such as a marriage or qualified domestic partnership, a change in your covered partner’s benefits, or the birth or adoption of a child.

For dental and supplemental death coverage, you can also apply during the annual enrollment period, if these benefits are offered by your employer.

To enroll, complete and sign the ABP Membership Application. Your employer will then complete its portion of the form and submit it to the Board of Pensions.

If you are including eligible family members under your coverage, you must provide a copy of your marriage certificate or official documentation issued by a state or foreign jurisdiction for your covered partner. For dependent children, you must provide a copy of the birth certificate, legal documentation for legal wards, or letter of intent or decree for adoption.

You will receive your medical cards within 30 days after the Board receives all of the enrollment materials from your employer.

Note: No retroactive enrollments are permitted. Coverage can start only on the first day of the month as long as the completed application and all other required paperwork have been received by the Board by the 15th of the previous month.