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Parish Ministry Salary Study, 2018 Median Effective Salaries Available


The Board annually tabulates median and average effective salary information based on data employers report to it for teaching elder members of the Benefits Plan who are serving U.S. congregations. The most recent Salaries in the Parish Ministry Salary Study (as of May 1, 2017) includes a five-year comparison of average effective salaries by synod.

The median effective salary for other employees uses effective salary data reported by any employer for non-teaching elders enrolled in pension and/or death and disability coverage.

The median effective salaries based on the salary information reported to the Board as of May 1, 2017, will be used for dues billing and benefits determinations for 2018.

Classification ​Median Effective Salaries ​​% Change
​for 2018for 2017​2018 vs. 2017
​Teaching Elders​$58,000​$57,300​1.2%
​Other Employees​$41,000​$39,8003.0%

More about Median Effective Salaries

  • While the figures used to calculate the teaching elder median include only teaching elder members of the Benefits Plan serving U.S. congregations, the median applies to all teaching elder members for purposes of calculating pension credit accruals, disability benefits, and death benefits.
  • When a member’s total annual effective salary is below the median, pension credits, disability benefits, and death benefits are calculated based on the applicable median salary.
  • Median salaries are prorated when making benefits determinations for members working fewer than 35 hours a week.