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New Year, Great Plan for Retirement Savings


As the new year kicks in, honor your resolution to take charge of your finances by taking advantage of the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (RSP). A new fossil fuel-free investment option has been added, along with new features, reduced fees, and even a Call to Health challenge for Medical Plan participants that lets you earn points for rebalancing your RSP account.

New Fund and New Features

The RSP already provided tax advantages, diverse investment options, and investment education resources, making it comparable to many commercially available employer savings plans. Now it’s even better with the addition of

  • a new global fossil fuel-free environmental fund;
  • managed accounts;
  • a brokerage window; and
  • a loan provision.

Read Retirement Savings Plan: Better than Ever in 2017 for more information.

Reduced Fees

On January 1, the expense ratios of the PC(USA) Socially Responsible Balanced Fund and the PC(USA) Socially Responsible U.S. Equity Fund were reduced from 0.40 percent to 0.35 percent.

Expense ratio is the total annual fund or class operating expense paid by a mutual fund and stated as a percentage of the fund’s total net assets. Expense ratios change periodically and are stated in the fund’s prospectus.

In addition, Fidelity has amended its redemption fee policy to remove redemption fees on three options available in the RSP:

  • Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund – Premium Class
  • Fidelity Diversified International Fund – Class K
  • Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio

A redemption fee is a charge by a mutual fund company on short-term transactions. It is intended to discourage investors from making short-term purchases, typically transfers, for quick profits, which can increase the fund operating costs, penalizing long-term investors. A redemption fee is typically reinvested in the fund to benefit all investors.

Rebalance Your RSP Account and Earn Call to Health Points

If you are covered by the Medical Plan you can earn Call to Health points for rebalancing your RSP account by January 29. Periodically rebalancing — realigning the percentage of investments between asset classes — can help you stay on target to meet your retirement goals. So visit, look for the Rebalance Your RSP Account challenge and join the challenge, and don’t forget to report that you’ve completed it by January 29 to be sure you get your points!

Rebalancing is not recommended if your RSP savings are invested in Fidelity Freedom Funds (target date funds), which use automatically adjusting age-based asset allocation.

Learn More about the RSP

To learn more about the RSP, see Why participate in the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)? If you still have questions, call Fidelity at 800-343-0860 (mention plan #57887) or the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) and speak with a service representative.