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It’s Never Too Soon To Prepare a Will


Caitlin and Kyle Bomar are both 29. They don’t have children. They don’t have a mortgage. So, it would seem, they don’t have a good reason to write their wills.

“With the exception of our two cars, we simply don’t possess many assets!” said Caitlin, who is Director of Children’s Ministry for Idlewild Presbyterian Church, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Even so, Caitlin had worked a short time in insurance. She knows how unexpected death can be, and that “there are measures people can take to ease the blow and burden of their death on those they love.”

One measure is to be well insured. So three years ago, she and Kyle each got term and whole life insurance policies. But Caitlin balked at having a will, “seeing as how I didn’t believe we had very much to leave instructions about.” Then, she saw Create or Update Your Will, a 2017 Call to Health challenge that is back and running through April 29, 2018. Caitlin decided to act.

She got a price quote from “a lawyer in town” to have her and Kyle’s wills drawn up. She researched online will-writing and considered other self-help remedies. Still, Caitlin hesitated. “The cost was a barrier, and I really wasn’t keen on the idea of doing something this serious online or by myself.”

Then, the parent of a child in Caitlin’s Christian Education program learned of her concerns and generously offered to share his legal expertise at no cost. The Bomars “humbly accepted the invitation” and found there were more decisions to address in their wills than they had expected:

  • Who would be the executors of their wills?
  • Who would look after their beloved dogs if Caitlin and Kyle were in a fatal car crash?
  • And who would Caitlin pass her grandmother’s heirloom ring on to since she didn’t have children?

“It’s easy to avoid giving thought to these sorts of questions because we convince ourselves that we have forever to live,” Caitlin said. “Given the fragility and unpredictability of life, I believe setting aside the time to write a will is an important and practical thing to do, no matter your age or assets. I’d urge everyone to have one written. It’s one of the most caring things you can do.”