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Frank Spencer Confirmed as President of the Board of Pensions


The 221st General Assembly (2014) today confirmed the election of Frank C. Spencer as President of the Board of Pensions. Mr. Spencer has led diverse for-profit and nonprofit organizations, is a candidate for ordination as a teaching elder, and is a lifelong dedicated servant of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Mr. Spencer, elected by the Board of Directors of the Board of Pensions on February 28, 2014, will assume the position on July 1, 2014. He will replace Robert W. Maggs Jr., who is retiring after 15 years of service.

“This is a humbling call,” Mr. Spencer told the General Assembly committee that voted on June 16, 2014, to recommend his confirmation by the full body. “It is humbling to be considered worthy to join the staff at the Board of Pensions. … It is also humbling because it is a unique time in the PC(USA), as together we are engaging in new ways of thinking about how to be church.”

Mr. Spencer said that the Board of Pensions would be a loving and engaged partner in responding to the challenges ahead and, that together, the Church would find a way forward. “I come with a pledge to make the Board of Pensions a creative and engaged conversation partner.” Those conversations should be conducted “in ways that build the body,” he said.

“Mr. Spencer is an experienced business executive,” Thomas C. Paisley Jr., Chair of the Board of Directors of the Board of Pensions, told the General Assembly today before its vote to confirm. “He has 28 years’ experience in finance and commercial real estate development.”

Mr. Paisley said that 140 candidates fit the profile the Board of Directors prescribed for the position. They were of diverse backgrounds, reflecting the backgrounds of those served by the Board of Pensions. Twenty-four candidates were selected for an initial interview, and 12 candidates were presented to the Board’s Search Committee, which narrowed the list to two finalists before selecting Mr. Spencer.

Mr. Spencer described himself as “fundamentally optimistic.” In his address before the General Assembly today, he said, “I am optimistic because we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, the heart of whose message is transformation. … Through God, all things are possible.” Looking toward the mission ahead, Mr. Spencer said, “We are going to continue our humble call, to serve those who serve the church.”