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Financial Well-Being Retreat 2015 Exceeds Expectations


According to 85 Presbyterian pastors and church workers who attended last week’s Financial Well-Being Retreat 2015 at Montreat, the experience well exceeded expectations.

“I thought this event was just going to be focused on personal finance,” noted one pastor. “I was surprised that a lot of this information can be shared with congregations and treasurers.”

The event was designed for active Benefits Plan members to help them take a break from daily work and discover or rediscover resources that support individual and church well-being and financial stewardship. The Board partnered with the Presbyterian Foundation in offering the retreat resulting in a collaborative spirit that was not lost on several attendees. “I never paid much attention to what the Foundation did … the Foundation information does apply to my church,” said one attendee. Another noted, “My ‘aha’ moment was the relationships between pastors, the Church, the Board of Pensions, and the Foundation.”

The Reverend Frank Clark Spencer, President of the Board of Pensions and Keynote Speaker at the retreat, summed up the purpose of the event on the Board’s Facebook page: “We are hosting this conference in collaboration with the Presbyterian Foundation because we as church people understand that choices about money are as much theological as they are economic. We want our members to be able to put their values into action as they make plans for their future and their families.”

There was no registration fee for the event. The Board of Pensions and the Presbyterian Foundation subsidized meal service costs, and Montreat applied a $20 per person meal fee. Those who attended the Dissolving Debt workshop along with other session selections were able to use Financial Well-Being Retreat attendance to fulfill the Getting in Shape Fiscally application requirement for the Seminary Debt Assistance Grant.

To view a list of the sessions offered at the retreat, read the pre-event article here. Keep in mind that Board University offers a wide range of seminars, e-learning, and other resources related to finances, benefits, retirement, and well-being for members, churches, and employers. Be sure to make the Board University page one of your favorites.


 Financial Well-Being Retreat 2015