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Ellen Sherby, Presbyterian World Mission's Coordinator of Equipping for Mission Involvement, in Louisville, began participating in Call to Health two years ago. One of the first challenges she joined was a 300-point Ignite Your Life coaching series on nutrition, healthy eating habits, and exercise. She wanted to lose weight, and she needed the points. But she really didn't expect much from the program. "I just wasn't that motivated," she said.

After shedding a few dress sizes and more than a dozen pounds, she's now a believer.

Her Ignite Your Life coach educated Ellen in basic nutrition, including how to eat and snack healthfully. "My coach taught me about portion size and helped me see that I don't need to snack when I'm hungry — especially in the evening," she said.

She also learned to pay attention to what she ate and how she felt afterward. Wheat products made her "incredibly sleepy," so she eliminated wheat from her diet for a time. Not only did her energy increase, but she also gradually lost the weight she wanted to lose — 2 to 3 pounds a month.

Now a healthy weight, Ellen indulges in temptation sometimes but finds it easier to stay on track because she knows certain foods drag her down. That knowledge has been key to her improved and sustained health.

"I'm grateful to Call to Health and the Ignite Your Life coaching series that led me to this learning. It literally has changed the way I eat, helped me lose weight, and made me aware of how food impacts my mood and physical health."