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Board of Pensions Recognized for ‘Inspiring Change’ through Call to Health


The Board’s Patricia M. Haines, Executive Vice President and  Chief Benefits Officer, and Stewart Beltz, Vice President, Health and Wellness, with Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht (center).

The Board of Pensions has received a 2017 Limelight Award for inspiring change and driving positive results with Call to Health, the Board’s health and well-being initiative. Presented by Limeade, the wellness technology company that supports Call to Health, the award showcases organizations that have used wellness technology to successfully engage participants and improve well-being results.

“We’re truly honored to receive this award,” Stew Beltz, the Board’s Vice President of Health and Wellness, said during the May 2 award ceremony in Bellevue, Washington. “It recognizes the strong commitment of PC(USA) pastors and other church workers to health and wholeness.”

Preventive care visits and screenings — which Call to Health promotes — are up significantly, Mr. Beltz said. Preventive care leads to early detection of disease, better management of chronic conditions, and improved health and well-being.

Increasingly during the past 18 months, the Board of Pensions has customized to communicate Presbyterian values in each of four dimensions of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. In 2017, the Board expanded Call to Health’s spiritual emphasis by adding optional challenges to pray daily, practice forgiveness, and work as a volunteer, among other activities. At the same time, Call to Health continues to encourage members to step up their physical activity, improve their financial well-being, and participate in vocational development and renewal programs — all for points to lower their 2018 medical deductibles and earn an Amazon gift card.

Call to Health’s new emphasis on wholeness and engaging, easy-to-use portal have been embraced by teaching elders and other church workers at record rates.

The social aspect of the Call to Health site is believed to be part of what is propelling the program’s success, Mr. Beltz added. Members can comment publicly or privately about their efforts to meet a challenge; geographically dispersed members have embraced this feature as a way to connect with peers, offer encouragement, and give personal testimony. Since November 1, 2016, when the current Call to Health year began, the site has logged more than 32,000 comments from Medical Plan members and spouses.

In presenting the award, Steven Parker, a vice president for Limeade, cited a PC(USA) pastor whose prostate cancer was detected early, thanks to a Call to Health preventive exam. “‘Call to Health saved my life,’ the minister said in an unsolicited email to the Board, ‘allowing me to continue to serve the Lord in my call and be with my family for, prayerfully, many years to come.’”

For this and many other stories of God’s grace through Call to Health, we say, amen!