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A Renewed Chance To Serve the Lord


“I’ve always completed a yearly physical, but sometimes privately grumbled about Call to Health,” acknowledged the Reverend Dr. Clinton “Clint” Cottrell.* “Never again!” 

Dr. Cottrell is the active, optimistic pastor and head of staff at Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church, Fort Myers, Florida, and chief chaplain at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He completed Call to Health challenges primarily out of a sense of obligation — and to save on his medical deductibles. He never expected that completing Call to Health might also save his life.

Last July, Cottrell had no symptoms when he went for his preventive exam and had a routine PSA test, a blood test used primarily to screen for prostate cancer. But his results and age (57) suggested the need for a biopsy, which revealed stage 2 prostate cancer. After further testing, he underwent prostate surgery, and his prognosis is now excellent.

“Had I waited … if not for Call to Health, I would not have had that PSA done,” he said. “My doctor said that within six months the cancer would have advanced to stage 3, which has a much lower survival rate.”

Dr. Cottrell joyfully returned to work four weeks after surgery. “Call to Health has allowed me to continue to serve the Lord in my call and be with my family for, prayerfully, many years to come!” he said.

*Call to Health is available to members and spouses enrolled in the active Medical Plan (the Highmark PPO or EPO); it is not available to members enrolled in Triple-S, GeoBlue, or the Medicare Supplement Plan.