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A Member’s Call to Health Journey — from Compliance to Health Champion


Donna Scully once treated her health the way many people do — as a task to check off the list. Donna, who is an office manager for New Castle Presbytery, in Delaware, would get an annual checkup to renew prescriptions, have an eye exam “when it was difficult to read the fine print,” and make a dental appointment “to keep the pearlies white.” Viewing herself as a “subconscious objector,” she did the minimum because she just didn’t find much value in Call to Health.

Over time, however, she came to recognize the benefits of prioritizing her health and well-being. She began to take Call to Health seriously — and saw results. “I’ve dropped one of my medications, lowered my blood pressure, and made new friends. I can walk two flights of stairs without experiencing fatigue,” she said.

Those results stemmed from participating in Call to Health’s multidimensional well-being challenges, including knowing her personal health statistics, purging her pantry of those products high in sodium and saturated fats, and making healthy family meals. Under Donna’s influence her husband even decreased the seasoning for one of his favorite meals: steamed crabs. “Now that’s a feat!” she said.

Call to Health also motivated Donna to join a Jazzercise class two years ago and keep an eye out for opportunities to be grateful.

“I’ve seen the difference: I feel better, look better, and live better,” she said. She has moved from reluctantly participating in Call to Health, to appreciating it, to championing it.

“Knowing and positively embracing the fact that I could change the outcome of my personal health and the lives of my loved ones has become a daily reality,” she said. “My family now passes on the salt, enjoys dessert only on special occasions, and exercises regularly. Thanks be to God — and the Board of Pensions!”