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800-PRESPLAN: Same Great Service for Members, Dedicated Resources for Employers


As part of its ongoing focus on continuously improving service, the Board of Pensions has reorganized its Member Services team to better serve members and employers.

Vice President of Plan Operations Kelly Riley announced, “We are excited about the transformation of Member Services to a full-service Plan Operations organization, with separate, dedicated teams for Member Services and Employer Services.” According to Ms. Riley, the change reflects the breadth of work performed by the team, at the heart of which is excellent delivery of benefits plan services to members and employers. She noted, "It's more than just a name change. Plan Operations more accurately describes our current and planned work as we support the Board's vision of diligently seeking ways to serve more, serve better, and serve the Church.

“Plan Operations is here and ready to provide information, answer questions, and handle transactions related to Benefits Plan participation,” explained Ms. Riley. Members should continue to call 800-PRESPLAN for assistance. Employers should call the same number — but will be directed to resources dedicated specifically to helping congregations, church administrators, treasurers, and other employers resolve benefits selection, billing, administration, and service issues.

Most evident in the reorganization is the shift to three key areas of operation: Member Services, Employer Services, and Plan Operations and Integration.

Member Services provides high-quality, consultative service to members using a tiered approach — based on the level and complexity of each inquiry. This team addresses a full range of questions and handles general transaction processing. Member Services is also responsible for working across and educating all of Plan Operations and working with vendor partners and internal Board teams.

Employer Services advises and consults directly with employers and is their primary point of contact on benefits selection, cost, administration, and service. Critical to the success of Employer Services in serving the Church are two newly created account manager roles: the Employer Account Manager (for employer-related issues) and the Congregational Account Manager (for congregational issues).

Plan Operations and Integration is responsible for the design and implementation of the Board’s internal processes necessary to operate, measure, and continuously improve day-to-day service delivery in Plan Operations. Plan Operations and Integration also serves as an internal liaison with the Board’s Information Technology (IT) team to maintain and update several of the Board’s functions and systems, such as the Benefits Connect portal, telephones, and document imaging.

Later this year, members and employers will be able to get greater assistance online and complete transactions through the enhanced self-service Benefits Connect portal.

Ms. Riley asks the support of employers and members as the Plan Operations team reorganizes to collectively provide excellent service to all of the Board's constituents. According to Vice President of Strategic Operations and Initiatives Susan Reimann, who heads Human Resources for the Board of Pensions, “Our employees are knowledgeable and dedicated. As we launch this revised structure, it reflects our commitment to keep pace as the Board evolves with the changing Church."