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Dues Calculator

This calculator provides your monthly and annual Traditional Plan or Affiliated Benefits Program (ABP) benefits dues for a selected year. This information can help Treasurers and Administrators budget for future years and project dues for new employees.

Supplemental Death Benefit Rate Checker

This rate checker determines the monthly cost of the Supplemental Death Benefits for Plan members at all available levels. It also estimates the cost of Supplemental Death Benefits for covered partners and dependent children.

Optional Dental Benefit Rate Checker

This tool shows you what dental options (DMO, PPO, or Passive PPO) are available in your area and determines the monthly cost.

Taxation of Death Benefit Dues Calculator

This calculator enables church treasurers and business administrators to determine imputed income, if any, that must be reported on members' W-2 forms for death benefits coverage through the Benefits Plan.

Simple Savings Calculator

This calculator provides an estimate of your savings growth based on monthly contributions to a savings account. It illustrates the value of saving.

Total Effective Salary Calculator

This calculator assists you with determining the compensation that needs to be reported to the Board for benefit and dues purposes.